Bernadette Caruso


Would everyone please take a daily moment from now till Christmas to vote for MD missing person Bernadette Caruso’s story, by her sister Darlene, on Brickfish Campaigne Holiday Story. She wrote a very heartfelt, moving story entitled “A Tree For My Sister”, sharing family memories of how they’ve honored Bernadettes memory over the years & the ordeal they’ve lived through since their little sister disappeared over 23 years ago. If Darlene’s story is chosen as the winner, she plans on using the prize $ to further help The Maryland Task Force For The Missing & Unidentified.  Please vote for her story when you have time.  It costs nothing & helps her family & organization a great deal!  All you do is go to Brickfish’s website, create a screenname & password in the upper right corner & vote daily from now till Christmas.  Please copy & paste to other friends & sites for votes as well. The links are below.  Thank you all so much in advance & have a very blessed holiday season.
Tracey in MD
Here is also a link for Bernadette’s web site and the web site for the MD Task Force!



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