Shes missing

I posted on behalf of a young missing mother Bernadette Stevenson Caruso, who vanished without a trace 23 years ago, leaving behind a 3 yr old daughter left to grow up wondering what happened to her mom & to also bring awareness to the plight of the missing to as many people as possible. 

Children & adults go missing in this country at an unpresedented rate every minute of the day & night.  Its a national tragedy no one wants to think about, until they are forced to confront reality when someone they love becomes a victim or goes missing.  Bernadette Caruso has been missing from her loved ones & presumed dead from suspicious, foul play circumstances for over 23 years now.  These tragic circumstances can hit anyones family, young or old, any religion or nationality.  Hate & violence do not discriminate. 
Everyone, please hold your loved ones close this holiday season & let them know how much they mean to you, while you can.  In a split second, something terrible can happen that can change your entire world. 
Please vote for Bernadettes holiday story this week.  It would mean so much to her family to know she has not been forgotten & is thought of & prayed for by so many.
God Bless you all & best wishes for a truly happy, healthy holiday season!
Tracey in MD
Here is also a link for Bernadette’s web site and the web site for the MD Task Force!



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